We would like to thank the following companies for their support. Please check out their products and services and let them know that Integral Defense Group sent you!

F-Dez Werx Cerakote
F-Dez Werx does ALL the Cerakote work for Integral Defense Group. They provide some of the best Cerakote work that I have ever seen and are just awesome to do business with. Check out their work at: fdezwerx.com. If you would like some Cerakote work done then be sure to use Coupon Code “INTEGRAL10” (all caps) for 10% off your entire order.

MantisX - High tech shooting performance system
The MantisX attaches to your firearm rail and will work for live fire or dry fire practice. The smartphone application can be downloaded for iOS or Android devices and it links up with your MantisX via Bluetooth. As you shoot, the MatisX records tons of useful data which can be used to evaluate your performance, identify areas of improvement and tracks your progress over time. This is something that EVERYONE should have in their toolkit if they are even remotely serious about getting better at shooting.