spawn texture close-up by integral defense
May 14, 2020 News No Comments

Integral Defense Group is excited to announce that they have added various stippling grip texture options to their lineup.

How to order:

Step 1: Choose a MADE TO ORDER Grip Module for Stippling (and Cerakote if you’d like). These textures can be done to any of the grip modules offered on the site. Use your discretion as to which textures may be suitable for your specific needs.

Step 2: Select a Stippling Texture from HERE.

Step 3: Choose any other ADD-ONS and Checkout.

Here is a quick rundown on the new textures and what they’re all about. Links are also included below so you can navigate right to the texture of your choosing.

Spawn Texture: This is the texture that everyone knows and loves from Integral Defense Group. It is the perfect blend of texture and comfort. It’s more grippy that the OEM texture from the factory yet still comfortable for everyday carry against your body. You do not have to do anything special if you want to choose this option. Just place your order and this will be the default texture that will be applied. Feel free to add it to your order if you’d like.

spawn grip texture close up on a Sig P365 XL

Gambit Texture: Although new, this texture has quickly become my favorite and is now on my everyday carry. The Gambit has more bite to it than the Spawn texture but is still surprisingly comfortable for carrying inside the waistband. It is perfect for those who would like that extra level of grip. Suitable for CCW, Duty or competition shooting.

gambit stippling texture by integral defense group

Xavier Texture: This grip is pretty much one step down from a cheese grater. It is recommended only for those who demand the most aggressive purchase on their firearm and is recommended only for competition shooters. This texture is the real deal and is the epitome of “being one with the gun”.

xavier stippling texture on P320 X5 Legion

Silicone Carbide: We have done a few of these silicone carbide upon special request and have really taking a liking to them. So much so that this is now on one of our competition Sig P320 X5 Legions. We found that the silicone carbide also does an excellent job wicking moisture from the hands. Perfect for those long competitions in the sun. We sand down the OEM texture on the grip and carve out a border. This serves as a well for the 2 part epoxy to stay within. Lastly, the silicone carbide is applied and fuses with the epoxy. The result is a more permanent solution over the grip tape / stick on textures. Choose between Medium, Coarse or Extra Course grit to further suit your needs. The lower the grit, the more grippier it will be.

Silicone Carbide Stippling Texture Option

Written by IDG Mike