custom sig p320 from integral defense group
May 18, 2020 News 2 Comments

Integral Defense Group is always striving to provide a custom tailored experience for all of our customers. For example, due to popular demand, we have expanded our lineup of stippling textures. Our goal is to provide you with as many options that you could possibly want out of your custom firearm. However, one of the biggest problems we face is how to present our customers with all these options and information. Hopefully this how-to will help you with your ordering experience and will ensure you get everything that you are looking for from Integral Defense Group.

STEP 1: Select your grip module.

We are currently only supporting grip work for the Sig Sauer P320, P365 and P365 XL.

CLICK HERE FOR PRE-STIPPLED / READY TO SHIP GRIP MODULES (These are in-stock and will ship with no lead time. New grips are added all the time)



Current lead time is 4 weeks. Select if you would like to customize a P320, P365 or P365 XL. We also do P365 SAS grip modules. Contact us for more info on that.

a.) STIPPLING AREA: Options include HIGH or LOW. We recommend LOW for those who purchased a camo pattern and would like to showcase more of the Cerakote work. The more that is stippled means the more Cerakote gets shaved off and stippled over.

b.) CERAKOTE: Options include NONE, SINGLE COLOR or CAMO. There is an upcharge for Cerakote services. Single color is +$60 and Camo is +$90. YOU WILL NEED TO SPECIFY WHAT CERAKOTE COLOR OR CAMO PATTERN YOU WOULD LIKE AT CHECKOUT IN THE ORDER NOTES!

c.) TRIGGER GUARD INDEX: The purpose of this upgrade is to have a stippled area on the bottom of the trigger guard for your support hand to reference and help with a positive purchase on your firearm when shooting two-handed. Options include YES or NO. There is a +$10 upcharge for the Trigger Guard Index.

d.) MANUAL SAFETY CUT: Options include YES or NO. Only select YES if you are running a P320 or P365/P365 XL and have a Fire Control Unit with a Manual Safety. There is a +$10 upcharge for cutting the manual safety notch into the grip.

STEP 2: Choose a Stippling Texture (Optional)


Our SPAWN texture is the default texture if you do not select a specific texture for your grip module. Therefore, if you would like to order that texture then you are not required to add it to your order. Otherwise, you will be required to add either the GAMBIT, XAVIER, HAVOK or SILCONE CARBIDE texture to your order if you wish to receive one of those. These textures do require a lot more work be done to them so there is a slight upcharge (+$15-25).

STEP 3: Add any additional services (Optional)


Add-On items include Trigger Finger Index Stippling, Manual Safety Cut or the ability to mail in your magazine baseplates and have them match your Cerakote color and stippling. The Manual Safety Cut option here is for those who would like to customize their Ready to Ship item. Please add 1-2 business days to customize your pre-stippled grip module with the Manual Safety cut if chosen.

Written by IDG Mike