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Integral Defense Group was recently featured on Fieldcraft Survival’s Podcast and apparently our name is a little bit of a tongue twister lol… Mike Glover, owner of Fieldcraft Survival, received one of our Cerakoted and Stippled Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry grip module along with a stippled P365 XL grip module for his new Every Day Carry. For the Cerakote job, Mike requested the “Black Multicam v2” which has a little more green and foliage to it (pics provided below).

We are thrilled to have his support and suggest you check out FieldCraft Survival’s website and podcast. They are doing some really awesome things in the world of prepping, survival, overland, and firearms training.

We are featured around the 1 minute mark of the podcast but definitely listen to the end…. then listen to the rest of their podcasts while you’re at it!

Apple Podcast: FieldCraft Survival Episode 163


Soundcloud: FieldCraft Survival Episode 163

Integral Defense Group - Mike Glover Sig P320 - Fieldcraft Survival Podcast


Written by IDG Mike