Sig P365 XL Stippling
February 7, 2020 Education No Comments

We often get asked recommendations on what stipple area they should choose for their Sig Sauer P320 or P365 Grip Modules. We hope that this blog post can help answer any questions you may have with some visual representations of what the design areas look like:


This is our most popular option and gives the user the full 360 degrees of stippling for the most grip on the gun. We do not follow the pre-defined grip panels that Sig Sauer designed. Instead, we design a whole new pattern and gives the user a full  360 degrees of stippling without any breaks in the design.  This is recommended for anyone who is looking to achieve a maximum purchase on their firearm when drawing and shooting. It would look best with the original black grip module -or- a single color Cerakote job. The X-Series grip modules have a lot more area for Cerakote than the original P320 grip modules so the 360 pattern does look real nice with camo Cerakote work. I wouldn’t recommend it for the original non-x series P320 grip modules.

Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry Cerakote Camo and Stippled magpul fde cerakote sig p365 and stippling by integral defense group



These two images below represent how we stipple within the original Sig Sauer P320 and P365 designated areas. This is recommended for those who purchase a multicam Cerakote design because it showcases the color more than the stippling. Our other stipple patterns can ride higher up the grip module and you would lose most of the Cerakote work.

sig p320 x5 uspsa cerakote and stippling Tiffany Camo Sig Sauer P365 Grip Module by Integral Defense Group



Competition Stippling Area means that we follow the USPSA Rulebook for allowed stipple area. We will not add any trigger finger index stippling, trigger guard stippling or stipple in areas outside of the allocated area approved by the USPSA

Sig P320 X-Five Legion Competition Stippling by Integral Defense Group

Written by IDG Mike